This past weekend I had the opportunity to meet some fabulous blogger babes at House Kitchen and Bar in Coral Gables, for a blogger meet up mixer. So this was my first experience meeting with members of the South Florida Bloggers Union and it was definitely good times. I love meeting like minded people who have the similar interests as me. I felt like it was a great opportunity to network and get some tips and advice from some other people in the blogger life because I am literally the only one within my group of friends who has a blog. Sometimes its hard learning everything on your own. Although, there is obviously everything on the internet and youtube university, but its always nice to talk to some other people and get a feel for what their experience is in the blogger world. Once I finally get the hand of this whole thing I will eventually write a post on my experience as a blogger and some of the things I have done to get to where I am. I feel like I have a lot of growing to do still and I’m always happy to meet other people who can give me some insight and a different perspective.

So, while at the mixer we got the chance to sample Coopers Craft bourbon. Typically I’m not a whisky girl, but I think that might change now. Ive never really given myself the chance to try whisky drinks because I just always felt like I should just stick to what I know and like ( champs and gin to be specific). The mixologist was amazing and crafted together some incredible concoctions. Coopers Craft is a whisky that doesn’t need heavy mixers added to it to make it taste delicious.  It was another fabulous day in Miami and theres nothing better than great drinks with even better people.

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