Hiii friends. Happy Friyay!  I have been really interested in playing around with different looks involving coats and boots. Im currently experiencing a creativity block when it comes to my wardrobe, but I don’t want the solution to be an unnecessary spending spree. I have enough options (said no girl ever) but I just need to figure out how to piece them together differently. Im going to New York soon and I want to put my coats and boots into full use because I don’t get to use them much down here in soflo.


Speaking of which, flights to New York on Halloween weekend are insanely inexpensive right now for some reason. I bought my flight for $78 round trip! Ive never done Halloween in NYC so I really need to step it up when it comes to my costume. Let me know if anyone has any original, cute ideas for me.

Anywho… as you all know I love thigh high boots. They go great with a mini skirt or short dress. The cape I’m wearing is kind of like a blazer. Its super cute and has a really high end look. This one in particular is from Make me chic  My boyfriend calls it a blape, which I think is totally appropriate. This faux leather skirt ties in my yeezus tee really well to add a little casual touch. I love mixing neutrals into a mostly black outfit to break it up a little bit while still having some edge.


Cape: www.Makemechic.com

Skirt: Forever 21

Yeezus Tee: Amazon

Boots: Public desire

Current song:


Pretend- by Tinashe