Im still having random fits of laughter thinking about last weekend at Coachella. This years weekend 1 was my first Coachella experience and it was nothing short of amazing. I went with a group of friends all from Florida originally. Mike couldn’t come because he’s at the tail end of his semester and we couldn’t be more ecstatic for him to finally be finished. Coachella was defiantly an experience. I love that a lot of people, men and women use the event as a way to showcase their best festival attire. I did a lot of research to find the right looks and boho chic pieces to wear to the festival but never really quite nailed it in my opinion. Some people really go all out and find the most unique ways to show their personal style while still incorporating spring fashion into the mix.


The people watching was never ending and everyone was in this magic land of fun and excitement. It was like being a little kid in a candy store with a plethora of amazing art and artists to see, along with tons of good food and plenty of events going on before and after. Now that I have experienced it I would do a few things differently if I ever decide to go again, but all in all it was an amazing experience.

My favorite part was seeing Kendrick Lamar perform. This was my third time seeing him and he never dissapoints. He launched his new album last Friday and it is so fire. If you haven’t listened to it yet, do yourself a favor and do so. Lady Gaga also put on a great show. It was no Beyoncé but she still did a great job.


Every year I feel like the main theme on the styled festival looks change a little. In 2015 it seems like there was a huge flower power craze with the flower crowns and lace. Last year girls were big on suede and frill. This year I saw a lot more edge in the looks that the girls were rocking. Biker boots and bandanas were a staple for the theme. On day one I wore my black large brimmed hat with a crop top and super cute black lace duster. Day 2 I wore a mesh dress with a bodysuit and thigh high boots. On day three I wore an extra large 2 pac shirt as a dress with my thigh high boots and fishnet stockings. Under that t-shirt I had on a crop top that my sister bought way back in the 90’s and a faux leather skirt. This actually worked out well because its crazy hot during the day but the temperature drops drastically when the sun goes down, so when it cooled down I simply put the shirt over the crop and mini skirt.


You can never go too over the top when it comes to festival fashion. Festivals are truly a time where you can let your individuality shine and wear whatever the F you want. I hope to go to some of the fashion events next year. I would love to meet other fellow fashionistas and experience the Palm Springs parties I hear so much about.

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Crop top: N/A

Leather Skirt: Forever 21

Thigh high boots: Aldo

These are my girls Courtney and Caroline. They’re the apples of my eye.  Their festival fashion looks were on point. These two made this experience so much more fun than I could’ve ever imagined. Its all about who you go with.

Our hotel had a lazy river which was super relaxing after a day of festivaling. However I might want to try staying on premises and rough it one time.

Lol. Doing gangsta things with my Caucasian friends…

Dancing queen

This was a look that didn’t quite make the cut. I like this top because it has a light airy spring style look to it.

Top: Forever 21

Shorts: Amazon

Current song: LOVE feat. ZACARI- Kendrick Lamar