The end of winter and beginning of spring is the best time to hit the waters in South Florida. Its brutal when its too hot so the beach is ideal during the winter time. Over this past week we had the opportunity to stay at a beautiful home in Coconut grove. The esthetics are truly breathtaking. I was with one of my good friends who actually shot these photos. She is a wedding photographer and her work is incredible. I will be sure to attach her date below.

With beach season and my bday coming up I have started a new workout routine along with a new diet. I did 30 days of exercise for about an hour each day. These work outs were a mixture of weight lifting and cardio. I did a little aerobics to just to switch it up. I have noticed a difference but only in how toned I am. I have yet to actually lose any weight, which was surprising and annoying since I have cut out a lot from my diet. I have to attribute this to the fact that I lift weight 5 days a week so I was building muscle. I am making a couple changes to see what really works for me. Once I find a routine that really shows a seeable difference I will post about it, so stay tuned. Hopefully I can be officially beach ready in time for me to find the right bathing suits for this year. Every year I like to discover new bikini shops and boutiques. Being that Miami is the swim capital of the nation, there are always great options to choose from.  When you live in a place that perpetually has beach whether, the right bikini is imperative. Theres a lot of variety in my bikini selection, but my favorites are the kind of suits that will give you some variety. This Bikini from Nalla Swimwear has an interchangeable top. On this day I only wore it one way, but you can wear it as a halter, a cross halter and twisted in the middle. It even comes with little wooden rings so that you can customize the look in the way you want.

Swim suit: Nalla Swimwear

Photographer: Wiler Photography