In the fashion world its really important to embrace the current trends that fit the season. Living in south Florida its a little harder to have a strong presence of fall and winter wear in my wardrobe due to the fact that I live in a world of perpetual summer climate. Im not someone who is going to give into the shorts and tanks look all year, so I take any opportunity to pull out my winter gear and pair it with spring fashion anytime the temperature drops under 75 degrees.

I am absolutely in love with thigh high boots and Im trying to make it a year round thing. However, that may take away from the appeal. I recently added these Italian leather thigh high Santoni boots to my wardrobe and they seriously bring me life. Their spring line is incredible as well, but I figured , why not change it up and get some boots instead of adding to my heel collection once again. They have much much more, but these were the styles I found to be most fitting with my personal style. Santoni is actually known for their mens shoe line, but they have fabulous selections for both men and women. The leather used to make their shoes is the same as whats used in Mercedes Benz.


I love these babes and I chose a very versatile color. You’ll see these with some of my rompers and dresses in the near future. On this day I paired them with these fabulous leggings from Comm-ciSometimes its hard to find quality leggings, this line of leggings really takes the cake. They have all different styles and they fit so comfortably. It’s leggings like this that make it okay to wear in any occasion.



xx-C ♥