Anyone who knows me knows that New York City is my absolute favorite city in the USA ( Miami is a close 2nd of course). I feel like the moment you fly in its like another world. It amazes me that there are so many people living in such a small place.


It takes some adjusting to get use to the gross subway system  and rudeness of others but after not long I actually kind of like it. I had a hard time packing because in South Florida its still no lower than 75 degrees Fahrenheit and I couldn’t even fathom putting on leggings or a long sleeved shirt, but when we landed I quickly realized it was a necessity to be equipped with layers. It actually was the perfect temperature the majority of the time we were there. I often google or Pinterest what I should pair outfits with when I pack an article of clothing I don’t wear often. Most of my Pinterest searches are for finding unique ways to style the pieces I own.

This bomber jacket was perfect for this weather because it works well as a wind breaker but wasn’t too thick. My phone case is by Phone fit collections. Ive never used one of these cases before but they’re super useful. Im someone who often doesn’t like carrying a purse everywhere, so it was really nice to have something that held my cards and ID. Im also obsessed with their patterns.

On the third day we were there we took bikes around Central park. The weather was amazing and I always like biking around during trips because I feel like it allows you to see a lot while getting a work out in.  If you ever take a trip to the city I highly recommend you do this. The park is like a little oasis in the middle of all of the chaos. These VSX leggings were the perfect level of thickness. I hate it when you have to layer your leggings, or when they’re that cheap material that you can see through. These were thick but comfortable.

This was during the weekend before Halloween. We went to this incredible Halloween party at the McKittrick hotel (where they hold sleep no more). It was a truly spectacular night. I dressed up like the queen herself. Queen Bey to be exact. Refer to video below if you are confused at what I’m referring to.

This was us at the Standard rooftop bar. A definite go to if you’ve never been. Its one of my favorite bar/clubs in the city. It also has an incredible view.

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Bomber Jacket: Forever 21

Black Leggings: VSX Victoria secret

Leather Jacket: H&M

iphone case: Phone fit collections

gray body suit: Forever 21

ripped Jeans: Forever 21



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