Hello friends and foes. Jk, were all friends here. *squint eyes* Or are we….?


Spring fashion is starting to become overwhelming. There are so many great upcoming spring trends I don’t even know what to choose from. With this look I’m really keeping it simple. After doing some spring cleaning and purging any trace of winter there was left in my closet I realized my new go-to for spring style is body suits, jumpsuits, and rompers. Theres such an appeal to the all-in-one look. These three styles are flattering to any physique and they can be dressed up and down so easily.


With this look I pieced together a simple black body suit. I love that there is the option for side boob in this top. Unfortunately I have none to offer, but for some it can really add a little extra sexy to a look. This body suit was only $8 from forever 21. I love it when they have their extra cheap deals.


Theres something so cute about body suits and skinny jeans. I wore these with heels from Lola Shoetique. If you were going to a football game (or some other casual activity) you could pair a look like this with chucks and a baseball cap, then bam! You can swap a casual by day look for a chic/sexy at night look instant.


Let me just tell you, that kind of convenience is hard to come by.


Body Suit: Forever 21

Jeans: Top Shop

Shoes: Lola Shoetique

Handbag: Calvin Klein


Current Song: Interlude – SLOPES