I love longboarding. It’s a hobby I’ve had since I was young. I think its one of those physical activities that really allows you to free your mind and just cruise. I like it because you have more freedom than you would on roller blades and its not as cumbersome as a bike. Sometimes I think that the only times I feel the most disconnected from the rest of the world is when I’m long boarding. Me, Mike (my boyfriend) and Delilah ( my dog) do this a few times a month by the beach. We make lilah chase after us so she can get a work out in. She’s a chunker so she needs it because I want her to live a long time.


My bathing suit bottoms are from Triangl. They make their suits out of neoprene which is definitely unique, but that material is made to trap in heat, which makes things very uncomfortable on a hot day.


Crop is from Brandy Melville

Shoes: Chuck Taylors