Feeling fabulous (or basic)  today because I bought the ingredients to make pumpkin cupcakes. Im really trying to get into fall mode but its hard because I’m living in a place that looks like paradise but feels like a humidity hell storm comes over us everyday. That won’t stop me though. Im really trying to show case my season appropriate attire as much as I can. This knit top is amazing and super duper comfortable from Uniqlo. Im obsessed with this black hat but I’m considering taking off the blue ribbon on the top. The booties/ heels are perfect for when you want to go out but you don’t want your shoes to kill you all night.


Top: www.uniqlo.com 

Pants: Fashion Nova

Hat : www.LFstores.com

shoes: Aldo 

Current song: Gucci Snakes- Tyga/ Desiigner

xx- C