The post 4th of July struggle is reaaall. I hope everyone had a great week celebrating our nations independence. I meant to post my patriotic looks before the actual holiday but I of course procrastinated per usual so alas… here we are. This year I celebrated the 4th in my college town, Jacksonville, FL. This city is crazy during the 4th. Its the biggest and most celebrated holiday there. You would think with Miami being such a party capital it would be worth staying in town, but I really wanted something a little more laid back and I always like feeling a little nostalgic. In Jax everyone gets super geared up in the most obnoxious red, white, and blue themed summer outfits. This year I chose my American flag one piece as my go to look. I feel like its bold and fit the theme perfectly. I wore my USA top from Tipsy Elves as my cover up and some all American daisy duke shorts.




Mike and I went to visit some of our hometown friends who are now living in Jacksonville and it was nothing short of amazing. Theres nothing like catching up with people you’re truly close with and will probably be your friends for life. That kind of thing is really hard to come by. Especially when you get older. The entire weekend was filled with bikes, booze and barbecues.


For those of you who didn’t remember, swimsuit was actually the look I wore on the 4th last year. I still have it and love it but wanted to switch it up this year. When it comes to summer fashion, less is more. I felt like this top had too much of a high neck. With the heat going up to 95 degrees I wanted something a little more loose.

USA top: Tipsy elves

American flag one piece: Tipsy elves

America high neck bikini top: Forever 21

Swim bottoms: Volcom 



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