I love the color in this Luli fama swim suit. At first I thought the pattern looked a little too bold and kind of childish. I later grew to love it. Solid colors are usually my go to when it comes to swim suits so this was not in the ordinary purchase for me. I’ve learned to try on patterns that I wouldn’t immediately find appealing and sometimes I get surprised at how much I actually like the look. It happens often that the things I like least on a hanger, become my favorite pieces. They often times end up being the things I get the most compliments on as well. Although its a small situation, my perspective in fashion reminds me often to get out of my comfort zone in a lot of other aspects in my life.

The body chain I am wearing is by a talented Jewelry artist I had the luck of getting acquainted with on Instagram. Take a look at her pieces at www.jewelrybyamandayyc.com. Her work is amazing. The rings I am wearing with the crystal ball jewels are also by her.