The past couple weeks have been pretty relaxed. As much as I love traveling, I almost love being home and having nothing to do equally as much. Although that does get kind of old after a while, there is only so much binge watching I can handle. I rarely ever wear my prescription eyeglasses and I’m not really sure why. Maybe its because I never dress them up and only wear them right before bed. I recently got these eyeglasses from and I love them. The aviator eyeglasses is a 1970’s trend thats making a comeback. Unlike most people who wear them, I actually need them to see. My eyes are in pretty bad shape. Im actually seriously considering getting Lasik this year so I can finally have perfect vision for the first time in my life. I remember the first time I had contact lenses on, I was shocked at how much more I could see. I felt like everything was so clear. I could see details that I couldn’t ever see before. It was incredible.


They also sell prescription sunglasses too, which is pretty convenient and super nice to have.

The denim line at top shop is currently my absolute favorite because they have jeans that actually fit my figure, which is actually really rare for me.

I added this velvet cardigan to add a little extra pop. Im obsessed with the velvet and I love how it clashes so good with this skater tee and sneakers.

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Glasses: The Glasses shop

Use my promo code: GSHOT50 , for 50% off your next purchase of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses from 


Pants: Topshop

Shoes: Windsor store 

Cardigan: Nordstrom

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