Happy new year everyone!!

I know its cheesy but I really feel like 2017 is theeee year and I’m super excited.

So this year I am going to still be focusing a lot on fashion but I will also be reviewing some of my most used products a lot more and I figured what better way to start than talking about one of my absolute favorites. Smile brilliant has totally revolutionizing the teeth whitening game. Their state of the art whitening formula works wonders. I am a firm believer that a persons dental hygiene says a lot about themselves. Yellowing of teeth is this inevitable thing that we all have to deal with and I found that Smile Brilliant is honestly the best solution if you want dentist quality whitening. The kit comes with desensitizing gel, (which I really need) so it works well for people with all levels of gum sensitivity.

They sent me a kit with a mold tray so that I can send them a mold of my teeth in order for me to have custom made whitening trays. Soon after I sent those molds back in they sent me the trays right to my door step. Doing it like this made things so easy and convenient.

After just 7 short weeks my teeth were noticeably whiter. I have used a few different teeth whitening alternatives and its always hit or miss when it comes to whitening products but this is one that actually works and is so worth it. Its so convenient that everything is done in your own home and I would just sit and whiten while watching TV or even working because your whitening trays are completely unnoticeable.


The most exciting part about it is they are currently doing a give away!!!

One winner will receive a $139.95 credit towards one tray creation kit plus 6 gel syringes.

To Enter:


You must follow @SmileBrilliant on IG along with my account @Cecilealamode

Once I post my Smile Brilliant picture just tag two friends in the comment section and thats it!

This is really a great giveaway so good luck to all of you and happy whitening.

Make sure you take a look and get more information on their site at SmileBrilliant.com.

(Top) Before use of Smile Brilliant

Keep in mind I have whitened my teeth before so they were already pretty white to start with but I still saw improvement.

(Bottom) After use of Smile Brilliant

I attached a video below so you all can see how the entire process goes.