I lOVE the 90’s. I’m honestly not sure if it’s just because it gives me that sense of nostalgia, or if its because it was a time where I had zero responsibilities, but I truly miss so much about it. I watched all the cliché 90’s tv shows of course ( fresh prince, 90210) and they were all amazing, but the trends…oh the trends. Thats what really got me. I have a tough time deciding if 70’s or 90’s fashion is my fave, but they’re definitely the top decades for style in my book. I believe 90’s fashion is under appreciated. It was a simpler look with a little combo of prep and grunge. I was too young at the time to really get to pick and choose what I wore, or make valid decisions on what kinds of things I appreciated about this decade. But I am totally cool with being that girl who’s stuck in the 90’s. It was the time of  a great president,  an annoying revolutionary concept called dial up, and fabulously basic fashion.

This top I got form H&M for $9 (great find)

Disco shorts from American Apparel.

Sunglasses are from Nordstrom in the Top Shop section


fanny pack is from a web store call Gag trends (if I’m not mistaken)


And of course, those shine things on my feet are my favorites Doc Martens.