I went to Okeechobee festival this past weekend and it was nothing short of epic. Its a combination of hippies and ravers all combined in one setting with a badass lineup. I like shows that don’t necessarily stick to one specific genre of music because my taste in tunes is pretty random and versatile. I discovered some new artists that I was not familiar with, and saw a couple artists I had already seen before. My friend Jess managed to get us VIP passes which was extremely convenient. We were able to go from stage to stage from backstage which saved us a lot of time. Which meant we didn’t have to rush to the next stage without seeing the end of our favorite shows. During this venture I didn’t have service and it was really nice to disconnect. I feel like it allowed a lot of time for self reflection and discovery. I wanted to make sure I documented some outfits and looks while I was out there because festi fashion has always been a favorite look of mine. People lose their inhibitions and express themselves freely. Here it wasn’t about who was wearing the least amount of clothing, or just rocking tutus and stickers over your nipples. People actually had originality and wore what they really felt described themselves and who they are. I posted images of what I wore on the last day of the festival.


My paisley crop top is from forever 21

Pants are from Fashion nova

This was me in my tent. I need to give my glasses more photo action.

This girl was killin it with that hula hoop. Its really a talent I would never have the balance or attention span for.

Thats my friend Tiff, she was working the Naked Turtle bar at the festival and she was rocking it. We always have a good time.

Happy Jess 🙂

Top favorite shows:

  • Mumford and Sons (above)
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Odesza