Montce Swim is one of my favorite swimwear lines. Along with the fact that all of the pieces are always fresh and original, the designer creates swim wear that is conducive to all body types. I prefer bottoms with a little more coverage since I am defiantly not lacking in the donk region. Montce is such a rapidly trending bikini line making its way into high end swimwear boutiques and you can also catch a lot of world renown models and actresses rocking some Montce gear. The designer is super creative and constantly changing the look of her pieces. She uses unique patters and ties it all together with a completely original structured look. I always get compliments on my bikinis from here and this one piece I’m wearing in this post is no exception. It is reversible and the inside has a copper/ burnt orange solid color. While the outside has a beautiful jungle theme. It makes me want to go somewhere tropical soon.


This pattern comes in a bikini as well.

Even on the crappiest of days, Hollywood beach always treats me to a beautiful view

You may notice, I take my dog Delilah with me a lot of places and often times on my shoots.
You will catch her here and there within these posts. She’s my biggest supporter.