So March is my favorite month, mainly because it is my birthday month (March 14th) and its the start of Spring, also its Miami music week etc. I celebrate my birthday every year longer than acceptable but this year I limited it to one full week and two weekends….Okay, yes, thats a bit excessive. Any who I’m excited to start posting some new goodies that I’ve been getting, and Ive been collaborating with some really cool brands so stay tuned.

Bootay bag is a company that sends you two new pairs of undies every month with a subscription at a mere $12/month. I love the concept because if you’re like me, every girl needs new undies on a constant basis and you can never have too many panties. The styles of undies are super cute and you can pick and choose the type and fit that you normally wear. On top of all this they are also a philanthropic based company. Every time someone posts something about their purchase and hashtags #undermatters the organization donates $1 to the Melanoma foundation. Companies that give back are pretty bad ass in my book. All around a great concept towards a great cause.


I put examples of the two undies they sent me most recently.


My top here is perfect for spring and pairs well with Pencil skirts too. From Forever 21

My skater skirt is also from Forever 21.


Shoes are chucks I bought off amazon.