This wrap dress is from an incredible organic clothing line company that I have had the pleasure of collaborating with called Synergy Clothing. I love their methods of creating their pieces and they also have some really great items on their website.

I have a new found respect for organic clothing lines. It recently was brought to my attention that there is a ton of toxic chemicals in the textiles used to make our everyday clothing. These chemicals can not only can seep onto our skin and into our pores potentially causing harmful reactions such as birth defects and can also introduce cancer causing chemicals into our bodies. Not to mention these same chemicals used to genetically modify the cotton and other materials used in our clothes are causing environmental hazards and adding to the air and water pollution problem that is already going on.

If you are ever interested in getting more information on how the over consumption of genetically modified textiles is truly effecting our planet, be sure to watch a really informative documentary I found called “The true cost”. Its on Netflix and I highly recommend it.

Synergy also has some great pieces for fitness and yoga. Defiantly give it a looksie.